The Remote Work Tribe Podcast: John Yarbrough


In this episode of the Remote Work Tribe podcast, we chat with John Yarbrough, Vice President of Content and Communications at AlertMedia. In this conversation, we discuss how he successfully adapted to remote-first settings back in 2020, how to lead, listen and inspire a fully distributed team or hybrid team, and how to ensure everyone is heard. 

Episode timestamps:

  • Exciting projects John is working on these days. (0:50)
  • How is Alert Media’s team structured? (2:20)
  • How to align hybrid teams to do great work? (4:34)
  • How did John help the team transition into remote and hybrid environments? (8:22)
  • How did John adjust his routine around a remote work environment? (13:50)
  • What are some of the key takeaways from having to adapt to a remote work environment? (17:30)
  • Personality types and adaptation to remote work. (22:06) 
  • Making sure everyone is heard in a remote or hybrid organization. (26:15)
  • Falling short as a leader and how to learn from those experiences. (32:51)
  • How to create an inclusive remote or hybrid work environment. (36:33)
  • Lighting round questions (40:34)

We hope you enjoy it!

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By Sebastian Cuervo