The Remote Work Tribe Podcast: Michael Keenan


In this episode of the Remote Work Tribe podcast, we chat with Michael Keenan, SaaS Content & SEO professional and Co-founder of Peak Freelance. Michael is a B2B SaaS content strategist with vast experience with massive brands such as Shopify, ManyChat, HelpScout, Segment, Aura, WorkRamp, Silvertrac, and more.

Episode timestamps:

  • What is Michael working on today? (0:35)
  • What does his typical day look like? (1:10)
  • Differences between solopreneur and agency life. (6:35)
  • What are the things you learned in an agency that makes sense for solopreneurs? (11:05)
  • What is Michael’s approach towards communication? (13:45)
  • What is the story behind Peak Freelance? (15:45)
  • Strategies to lead the Peak Freelance community. (19:00)
  • How to lead a community of professionals that can potentially become competitors down the line. (21:45)
  • The most surprising things Michael has learned at Peak Freelance. (24:30)
  • What is something that the industry should stop doing? (30:00)
  • Lightning round questions. (34:20)

We hope you enjoy it!

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By Sebastian Cuervo