The Remote Work Tribe Podcast: Lexi Grant


In this episode of the Remote Work Tribe podcast, we chat with Lexi Grant, Media Entrepreneur and founder of They Got Acquired. We discuss the importance of content quality and consistency posting, building in public, working collaboratively with experts to serve your audience, building teams and finding the right talent, and more. 

Episode timestamps:

  • Why did she start They Got Acquired? (0:58)
  • How has the approach to her current business changed based on the previous exits she has gone through? (1:40)
  • How to know when something is ready to launch. (3:10)
  • How does she have such a prolific writing profile? (4:55)
  • The importance of having a dedicated day to write. (7:45)
  • Choosing what to share online. (9:20) 
  • Building a brand that is not as dependent on the founder. (13:55)  
  • How does she find the right founders to learn from and share with her audience? (17:20)
  • How does she find the right talent for her business? (18:30)
  • What has been surprising about running They Got Acquired? (21:50)
  • Hiring editors and how to find them? (24:20)
  • Editors, skills, and finding the right editor for your team. (27:30)
  • Hiring the wrong talent and the importance of trial periods. (29:20)
  • Setting up your team for success. (31:10)
  • Comms and asynchronous workflow. (32:20)
  • Lightning round questions. (34:50)

We hope you enjoy it!

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By Sebastian Cuervo