The Remote Work Tribe Podcast: Annabel Maw


In this episode of the Remote Work Tribe podcast, we chat with Annabel Maw, Founder of Annabel Maw Yoga and former Director of Brand Marketing at Jotform. We discuss how to communicate and manage hybrid and remote teams, how to collaborate with others, use social media to stand out, and more. 

Episode timestamps:

  • Interesting projects Annabel is working on right now. (0:50)
  • How to plan for massive events. (1:30)
  • How to use brand communication to cut through the noise? (2:45)
  • How is the marketing structured at Jotform? (4:50)
  • How does communication work at Jotform in remote and hybrid settings? (5:45)
  • Annabel’s style when it comes to management and remote work. (8:30) 
  • 1-1 structure. (11:25)   
  • How does Annabel manage her team? (13:45)
  • How to manage-up and control your career? (16:10)
  • Recommendations to solicit feedback. (18:05)
  • How does Annabel streamline her workflows? (21:00)
  • Her approach to productivity. (21:50)
  • Launch of the book Automate Your Busy Work. (22:50)
  • How to avoid the busywork trap? (24:10)
  • Figuring out priorities. (25:10)
  • How does the Jotform team measure performance? (26:25)
  • Mindset for product/feature launches? (27:15)
  • Collaborating and partnering with creators. (29:35)
  • Lightning round questions. (32:25)

We hope you enjoy it!

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By Sebastian Cuervo