The Remote Work Tribe Podcast: Ashley Sava


In this episode of the Remote Work Tribe podcast, we chat with Ashley Sava, Head of Content at Rolebot. She generously shares her journey of shifting careers (from journalism to marketing), becoming a manager, and leading content teams.  

Episode timestamps:

  • What is Ashley’s philosophy when building a content team? (1:38)
  • What are the three to five most essential roles for a content team? (6:00) 
  • How did she transition from being a reporter to marketing? (10:56)
  • Mindset shifts from being a reporter to being a marketer? (19:50)
  • The impact of having a great manager when shifting careers. (22:50)
  • Essential learnings she has found as a manager. (26:30)
  • What was the one piece of advice she would tell people earlier in their careers? (27:50)
  • Valuable resources and tactics when giving performance reviews and leading teams. (33:20)
  • Lightning round questions. (36:45)

We hope you enjoy it!

Links mentioned on the podcast.

By Sebastian Cuervo